video production

With the advancement of technology and the rise of social media, the line between photography and videography has become blurred. In the past, one could only be a photographer or a videographer, but now it's almost impossible to excel in just one. Personally, I have always been drawn to video production because it provides a unique avenue for expressing creativity. I love the process of crafting a story and incorporating both photographs and video footage to bring it to life. Even conducting interviews can be a fun challenge when approached in the same way. It's safe to say that I am a jack of all trades, equipped with skills across various mediums.

"in the kitchen with ... by Goran Šaban"

I used to write a popular column for Pobjeda newspaper called "In the Kitchen with ... by Goran Saban" where I shared my passion for food and cooking. I learned more about different cuisines and cultures as I traveled the world. When I returned to Montenegro, I decided to add video production to create a new version of this column. I interviewed Dubravka Drakić, Marija Vujović, Sergej Ćetković, and Sonja Soka Barjaktarović for the portal Montenegro Magazin, and the videos below complement the written texts showing their personalities and life stories while preparing food in the kitchens. This project is currently on hold and will be back soon.

behind the scenes videos

The Folklore Ensemble (KUD) "Duga"

The Folklore Ensemble (KUD) "Duga" was founded in Berane twenty-one years ago. KUD "Duga Montenegro" is a sister Ensemble in Podgorica founded in 2018. Both are performed together by KUD "Duga" when representing Montenegro. KUD "Duga" participated in over 30 prestigious international festivals, and it is worth mentioning the world festivals in the UAE in 2019 and "Lazgi Dance Festival" - Uzbekistan in 2022. They have also won numerous awards. The founder and choreographer of KUD, Marijana Maja Dakić, also won the "Little Golden Opanak" for the best choreography for "Games from Golija". It is a great pleasure to travel and work with them. Here are some video coverage of their activities.

D-moll pop choir making off

I had a wonderful experience collaborating with this talented group of people on creating a video spot for their debut song. I captured the whole filming process, then through editing, I blended the behind the scene footage with the actual performance of their singing. It was amazing to see how they brought their vision to life with passion and creativity.

slovenia and bjelasica

As a journalist at MediaBiro, I had the opportunity to travel to Slovenia and report on the basketball team Budućnost. During my stay in Ljubljana, I also produced a short documentary on how the city coped with the COVID-19 pandemic. I interviewed some locals, visited some landmarks, and captured the capital's atmosphere. In addition, I made a video story about Montenegro Phototrekking, which organized a hiking tour in the mountains of Bjelasica. I joined them to experience walking on snowshoes in the winter wonderland. It was a challenging but rewarding adventure that I wanted to share with my audience.