How does a photographer, videographer or designer charge their work?

That's a great question!

Are you looking for a creative and professional photographer, videographer, or designer for your special event? Do you want to capture the best moments and create stunning memories that will last a lifetime? If so, you need to hire someone who knows how to charge their work fairly and transparently.

Many people think that hiring a photographer, videographer or designer is just a matter of picking the cheapest option. But that's a big mistake. There are many factors to consider, such as the condition of filming and shooting, the volume of work, the postproduction needs, the research time, the complexity and optimizations for web, print, social media… and so on. It's not a simple calculation!

That's why it's fair to have an hourly charge to start with. But that's not enough. You also must consider all the above-mentioned factors and consider the possibility of an additional charge if needed.

But before you ask for the price, please talk to the artist. Don't assume that they have a flat price for every project. Only an amateur would do that. A professional will discuss with you the event and explain all the things they can do to add value and uniqueness to your event. They will tailor their offer to your needs and preferences.

For example, on the right here you have a sample of how a professional would make an offer to make your event stand out from others. You can see that they offer a package deal and that's a much better option to consider a final product than just getting a flash drive with files.

I can do all these things on my own individually and in some cases all of it depending on the situation. But if needed, I also have a team of professionals to help me and make your event go smoothly. You can trust me to deliver high-quality work that will exceed your expectations.

small event price list Goran Saban
small event price list Goran Saban

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